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Progress for treatments of rare disorders

The search for treatments for rare disorders have taken a step forward on both sides of the Atlantic. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration...Read more

GLP‐1 receptor agonists for Parkinson’s disease?

Insulin has a role in brain neuronal metabolism and repair and promoting synaptic function. One of the many changes associated with Parkinson’s disease is...Read more

Alcohol-induced loss of consciousness linked to higher dementia risk

People who report loss of consciousness due to alcohol consumption have a 2-fold increased risk of dementia compared with individuals who do not report loss...Read more

Lyme disease and psychiatric disorders

Confirmed cases of Lyme disease – an infection by Borrelia spp. acquired from a tick bite – are becoming more common in the UK. Although easily treatable...Read more

National Clinical Audits for psychosis and epilepsy

The National Clinical Audit of Psychosis (NCAP) has published its findings for the 2019/20 audits in England and Wales. The report for England describes the...Read more

Impact of coronavirus pandemic on families affected by autism

The changes to social and work life required to manage the coronavirus pandemic impose huge demands on everyone but their impact has been greatest on...Read more

Bupropion evaluated for apathy associated with Alzheimer’s disease

This 12-week double-blind clinical trial from Germany compared bupropion 150 mg/day for 4 weeks then 300 mg/day for 8 weeks with placebo in 108 people with...Read more

Featured Articles

Use of the Coronavirus Act 2020 for de facto psychiatric detention
This clinical case history illustrates the legal and ethical dilemmas encountered with the first known use of the Coronavirus Act 2020 in the UK to detain a potentially infectious person to a mental health facility. The case highlights the consequences the new legislation may have for psychiatric services and the resulting challenges for clinicians.
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Meningioma and psychosis – cause or coincidence?
Meningiomas are the most commonly encountered predominantly non-malignant brain tumours in adults. They are often clinically asymptomatic for years and require no intervention. Certain types of meningiomas are frequently associated with psychiatric symptoms. However, initial surgical and psychiatric intervention may not result in complete psychiatric symptom remission requiring longer term management. Here, we describe a case of meningioma in a patient presenting with concurrent severe psychotic symptoms associated with risk. Relevant recent literature is presented along with management strategies.
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Remote psychiatric consultations – top tips for clinical practitioners
The COVID-19 pandemic presents psychiatrists with new challenges in delivering safe and effective care, with reduced face-to-face contact with patients. To try to address this the Royal College of Psychiatrists has encouraged clinicians to review patients remotely to reinforce the protection of patients and staff. This article aims to provide a structured approach for clinicians to conduct remote psychiatric assessments and considers future developments in telepsychiatry globally.
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