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New drug shows potential to combat Alzheimer’s

A new drug has the potential to combat Alzheimer’s disease after a study found it can reduce the build up of amyloid protein in the brain. Published in the...Read more

Eye test could detect Parkinson’s disease

A new non-invasive eye test has been shown to identify changes in the retina before brain changes are detected and could be a "revolutionary breakthrough" in...Read more

Study shows benefits of early treatment for MS

People who began treatment with interferon beta-1b after clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) were 33% less likely to be converted to clinically definite...Read more

Behavioural activation therapy cheaper & effective for depression

Behavioural activation (BA) therapy is an effective and cheaper way to treat depression compared to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), according to research...Read more

Many learning disability services thorough in care and prescribing

Concern over the level of prescribing in people with learning disabilities is not warranted, says Chief Pharmacist Carol Paton at the Royal College of...Read more

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A review of the efficacy and tolerability of antipsychotic long-acting injections
The formulation of long-acting injections (LAIs) as a method of delivering antipsychotics can be used to improve adherence, particularly in those unintentionally non-adherent. Here, the authors review the efficacy and tolerability of first-generation antipsychotic…
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Bridging the gap between research and clinical practice – a new initiative
Research is critical in advancing health care and improving outcomes for patients. The NHS constitution1 pledges to inform patients of research that they may be eligible to participate in.
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Continuation of clozapine during chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant
Cancer incidence rates in the UK have increased by more than a third over the last four decades, so the likelihood of requiring concurrent chemotherapy and clozapine is increasing.
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